Online Cricket Betting - The Best Sites for Betting on Cricket in Canada

When people think of popular sports in Canada, they will probably automatically think of ice hockey, American football, and baseball. One sport that won't enter their minds is cricket, but this sport is also very popular in Canada. Here you will find some great free tips that will certainly help improve your chances of winning when online cricket betting.

The Betting Online Cricket Tips to Remember


Anyone can wager a bet and get a lucky win, but if you want to increase your chances of winning (and who doesn’t?), you will want to read the following betting tips very carefully.

Never Forget to Check the Weather Forecast

All outdoor sports are affected by the weather, but it is safe to say that none are more affected than cricket. Therefore, before you finalize your bet, you need to have a thorough understanding about how the weather can affect what will unfold in the match. For instance, if it is overcast and grey, the fast bowlers on the team bowling first will be happy as they should be able to get extra swing and seam assistance off the pitch, making it a nightmare for the team batting first. However, if the sun is shining, the opposite will happen, and life will be much easier for the batsmen.

Cricket cannot be played when it is raining because if the pitch gets waterlogged, the game will have to be abandoned as the ball will not bounce at all. Furthermore, it becomes dangerous for batsmen when the bowler cannot grip the ball properly because it is wet. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for a match or series to be severely affected by the rain. So, this is why you should always read some weather reports before you place a bet on cricket.

If you are thinking about placing a wager on an ODI game, but the weather is looking grim, you should consider another game. If the weather forecast looks poor and you were thinking about placing a wager on a test match, you might want to think about betting on another test or placing a bet on a draw.

Never Forget to Analyze the Pitch the Game Will be Played on

Cricket is such a great sport to watch due to the fact that the pitches around the world all play differently. It would be quite boring if every pitch was a batting paradise with all teams scoring 350 runs every time they go out to bat.

The WACA in Australia has extra pace and bounce, Trent Bridge in England is known to provide assistance for swing and seam bowlers, whereas pitches in subcontinent countries such as India and Bangladesh are conducive to spin bowling.


When analyzing a pitch, this is what you need to look out for:

If the pitch has a covering of green grass then you can be certain that the fast bowlers will get extra movement off the pitch, making it harder to bat. In this case, the team that bowls first should pick up a few early wickets.

If the pitch is yellow or white in colour and has no grass on it, then it is likely that it will be what is known as a “batsman’s paradise”. The team that wins the toss will usually choose to bat first so they can rack up a huge score and apply a lot of pressure to their opponents.

If the pitch in question looks dry and cracked, then you can be certain that the spin bowlers will be smiling as spin will become much harder to play as the match wears on (especially during a 5-day test match). The team that wins the toss will often bat first to avoid having to bat last on a deteriorating wicket.

So, before you place a bet, you need to get as much information about the pitch as possible as this will improve your chances of winning, making your online cricket betting more enjoyable.

What Different Markets Are Available in Cricket Betting Online?

There are so many different markets that you can bet on in cricket, so we will now take a look at some of the most popular ones.

Like with most sports betting, placing a bet on what team you think will win is very common market in cricket. In limited over cricket, such as in the Karnataka Premier League, the Vitality Blast, and the Indian Premier League, there is only the option of placing a bet on the team you think will end up on the winning side. 20 or 50 over cricket rarely ends in a draw (although the 2019 ICC World Cup final between England and New Zealand did), so bookmakers simply do not offer odds for a draw. On the other hand, test cricket ends in a stalemate quite often, so bookmakers will provide odds for a draw in this format.

What batsman will score the most runs or what bowler will take the most wickets are other fun markets that we can bet on in cricket. This can be a tricky market to succeed in, but it is worth the risk as the odds are usually very decent. A great tip to keep in mind here is to always bet on a batsman who bats at the top of the order, especially if you are betting on a limited over match. This is because they have the possibility of facing the most deliveries and will be batting when field restrictions are in play.


Other popular markets include player of the series, player of the match, what team will win the toss, how many boundaries will be scored, and the total number of runs that will be scored in the match.

Which batsman will be out next, the next mode of dismissal, whether a batsman will hit a half-century or century, and how many runs will be scored from the next ball are some of the popular in-play markets cricket fans love to bet on.

Sites to Look at for Online Betting on Cricket in Canada

Before we give you the names of great bookmakers that us Canadians can use to bet on cricket matches, we thought that it would be a good idea to highlight what you should look for when deciding what bookmaker to make an account with.

Reputation: A bookmaker with a lot of negative reviews should be avoided like the plague. Therefore, you should read review after review until you’re certain that they are worth signing up with.

Customer Support: Support agents should be able to provide customers with quick and precise answers and they should always be available to provide assistance when needed. You can test them out before signing up by asking a simple question and if they fail to give a satisfactory answer, deposit your money elsewhere.

Security: Look for an SSL certificate before signing up with a bookmaker as this ensures that quality encryption techniques are being used to protect your personal data. NEVER join a betting site that does not possess an SSL certificate.

Odds: No two bookmakers will offer the same betting odds, so you should always read some odd comparison sites to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

The casinos that have been listed below are some of the best cricket betting sites for Canadians:

  • 888 Sport
  • 22 Bet
  • Royal Panda
  • Bodog
  • Betway Sports
  • LeoVegas
  • SpinSports

If you are Indian and living in Canada but are looking for sites that will allow you to sign on when you are back in India, we recommend that you take a look at the following betting guide

How to Follow Your Online Cricket Bets


Sometimes you will find that you can’t watch cricket on your television, but when this happens you will be glad to know that there are plenty of fantastic sites that stream live cricket action. Below are four great streaming sites that you should take a look at:

WillowTV: This site is the leading broadcaster of cricket in Canada and the United States and allows you to watch all of the major cricketing events from all over the world. The streaming is fast and high quality, and you don’t have to pay to use it.

BossCast: This site allows you to stream a wide range of major sporting events for free. There are some adverts that pop up every now and then, but that’s a small price to pay for being able to watch entertaining sports for free.

Time4TV: This site gives you the ability to watch TV from all over the globe, so just find out what channel the cricket game is being broadcasted on and find it on Time4TV’s channel list. The site has over 60 sports channels all with multiple links. There are no country restrictions and you don’t need to create an account.

Hotstar: If you are an Indian living in Canada, then this site is the perfect choice for you. You don’t need to make an account, but there will be a five-minute delay on the streams if you don’t. Please note that you will need an Indian VPN to access this site and watch the live cricket.

What Free Bets Will You Come Across Regularly for Cricket Betting Online?

All bookmakers must provide their customers with free bets to make sure that they keep coming back for more. Below we will have a look at three common free bets that you will regularly come across:

Welcome Bonus: New customers will be rewarded with this when they make the decision to sign up to a sportsbook. The amount received depends on the bookmaker that you choose, but your first deposit will often be matched. Wagering requirements will always be active here, meaning that the free money that you received must be bet a certain number of times before withdrawal is possible. This is necessary as it prevents customers from creating an account just to withdraw some free money.

Risk-free bet: Those customers that place bets regularly will be given a bet where it is not possible for them to lose any money. If your prediction is wrong, the money will simply be returned.

Qualifying free bet: You must carry out an action first before you are eligible for this type of free bet. For example, you will need to place some money on a specific market. Once you have done this, you will have qualified, meaning you will be given a free in-play bet to the sum of your original wager.

Sign up to one of the aforementioned casinos and you can start making use of these fantastic free bets.